Proposal of Forming Turkish Language and Literature Committee in the Turkish-Dominated Regions of Iran

Based on the successful experience of the Turkic Language Faculty of University of Allameh Tabatabi in terms of teaching and cooperation with Turkologists and professional Turkic language tutors, it is believed that the devolution of the forming Turkic Language and literature committee to this faculty will be successful and efficient.
Teaching Turkish Language and Literature, Academic Discipline, University of Allameh Tabatabi, University of Tabriz, Specialist professors, Ideological Approach, Turkish-Dominated Regions of Iran


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پیشنهادی برای تشکیل کارگروه تدریس زبان و ادبیات تورکی در دانشگاهها و مدارس مناطق تورک‌نشین ایران 



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