Goals and Principles


Sorğulama Zamanı (Time to Question) Thought Community’s Establishment Reasons, Principles and Objectives

Time to Question Thought Community is an independent, non-profit research and thought community that aims to analyze the current problems of the social life based on a realist approach and to develop solution proposals. The Community is mainly composed of experts who have specialized in various fields of social sciences and works voluntarily for the Community thanks to their individual sense of responsibility.


Time to Question Thought Community seeks to question and analyze what, how, and whys of such socio-cultural topics as existence, civilization, society, culture, human, individual, identity, gender mainstreaming, class, ethnicity, nation-state, nationalism, racism, discrimination, exclusion, assimilation,  multiculturalism, culturocide, ethnocide, ethnic cleansing, unemployment, poverty, prosperity, exploitation, colonization, population, energy, conflict, conciliation, war, terror, extremism, radicalism, totalitarianism, fascism, despotism, democracy, human rights and freedoms, (in)equality, tolerance, disdain, modernism, postmodernism, information, informatics etc.


Reasons for the Establishment of the Community

1.     To compile scientific studies and philosophy-based outputs of thought regarding the current issues in social sciences.

2.     To provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

3.     To create an environment of informatics and interaction where opinions and ideas of the segments having different points of views and approaches on the identification, determination, definition, and analysis of current issues can be reflected.


Principles of the Community

1.     Principle of sensitivity with regard to the occurrence and resolution of problems that make the social life more difficult

2.     Principle of individual and social responsibility based on an egalitarian and libertarian understanding

3.     Principle of tolerance and equality between segments attached to different views, beliefs, identities, and cultures


Establishment Objectives of the Community

In line with the idea of constructing a livable world based on the principles of equality and freedom; and by questioning and discussing the discursive and performative dimensions and results of such factual processes as ignorance, arrogance, prejudice and disdain against others, grudge, hatred, exploitation, oppression, bloodshed etc. in human relations; and with the purpose of developing, encouraging, and spreading wisdom, humbleness, tolerance against differences, empathy, mutual respect, emotion, ideation,and behavioral patterns of peaceful and reliable coexistence:

1.     Encouraging the culture of mutual communication, discussion, and conciliation between segments having different discursive and ideological views.

2.     Providing conditions for interdisciplinary collaboration in relation to discussing, analyzing, and proposing solutions to the current issues at the macro, meso and micro levels.

3.     Compiling scientific studies and outputs of thought on current social problems, and offering them to the use of interested individuals and circles.

4.     Providing alternative media and communication means against the present media censorship, partiality and monopolism conducted by dominant power groups.

5.     Encouraging critical thinking and action taking that questions perceptions, attitudes, behavioral patterns, concepts, values, norms produced in the context of man-made socio-cultural structures and processes, and therefore everything that is output of the culture. In other words, encouraging initiatives for training active questioning types of personality instead of programs training passive submissive types of personality.


Fields of Interest and Study

Sorğulama Zamanı (Time to Question) Thought Community aims to work with an objective, realistic and scientific approach in the fields listed below:

1.     Livelihood and Economy

2.     Thought and Philosophy

3.     Individual and Psychology

4.     Low and Order

5.     Agenda

6.     Turcology

7.     History and Future

8.     Society and Culture

9.     Politics and Government


Written by artum Dinc, coordinator of Sorğulama Zamanı (Time to Question) Thought Community
First edition date: 22.05.2009
Last edition date: 02.07.2014


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