What Is Social Sciences Be Turned To “Opinion”?

We have lived at this one century what an idea of opinion reach to turned some of the major themes of social sciencies at the most important international sociological review was the American public opinion reasons the begining of the twentieth century. In short social sciencies were designed in terms of opinion asking people what they think about themselves, their life, their stories, their issues, their problems; and I beleive that social sciencies have been transformed into a kind of doxology which is a word which was used by Gilles Deleuze but I am tending rather to oppose these states of sociological research on the same one with for instance Frederick Pollack critisizes this epistemological constraint over social sciencies in general in early fifties. My problem here is that sociology is epistemologically or logically attending rather to become a general opinion about opinions of what people are supposed to think about themselves and others…
social sciences, opinion, doxology



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