The World We Live In: Lies, Faults and Facts

Today we live in such a world of multi-variables and complex relationships that it is getting harder to comprehend and understand. In particular, “the power of discourse”, which has an increasing effect by the rapidly developing technology, is even more important in interpreting the reality people experience. Although there are various discourses available, “the dominant discourse” both shapes and describes us the world we live in. The main purpose of this speech is to discuss “the globalization discourse” and to reveal the faults, delusions of its arguments by relating them with the facts we experience. In doing this – especially keeping science-power relations in mind-, the standing point is the fact that discourse is nothing more than lie based fiction or utopia that only one meaning and conceptualization of globalization. And this conceptualization is produced in accordance with power relations which have interest in shaping the world.

In this respect, I will first talk about different and conflicting conceptualizations of globalization and discuss which conceptualization is dominant while trying to respond how and why this specific conceptualization arose by taking its historical and social background into consideration. Then, in the world which is shaped according to globalization discourse where social problems increased and existing problems deepened; I will reveal the lies, faults and delusions of the discourse, its processes and consequences which actualized in the opposite direction of the promised “little cozy world”. Finally, there will be an attempt to propose some solutions for the problems of the process.

Globalization, the Power of Discourse, Science-Power, New World, Alternatives

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