Iranology, Arianism and Historiography – Interview with Abdollah Shahbazi 2

Iranian Studies as an academic and scientific approach is a legacy of new era of colonialism, clash of West and East and is an extension of the Crusades. Of course, the Aryan racism of 19th century has been devised to justify the European Colonialism and make “Arian race!” peoples of Asia participate in it. This wave has had a profound effect on a layer of Iranian Modernists of Constitution period and later on the Masonic organization of “Lodge of The Awakening of Iran” and eventually ended up by foundation of Pahlavi dynasty.
Iranolgy, colonialism, Arian race, Arianism, west, east, crusaders wars, modernity, masonic organizatins, Pahlevi

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ایرانشناسی، آریای یگرایی و تاریخنگاری  -گفتگوبا عبدالله شهبازی 2