The Geography of Development and the Geography of Ethnicity in the Economic Plans of the Iranian State

Some of the most backward and economically deprived regions of Iran -provinces such as Baluchistan, Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan...- are the regions inhabited by certain Iranian ethnic groups. For that reason the charge of discrimination and a sense of having been intentionally kept out of the economic developments of the country by the "centre" is now a common grievance expressed by ethnic groups. The author by providing an outline of the pattern of economic development in modern Iran since the late 1940s up to now, the various theoretical outlooks it took and the range of practical problems it had to face, is of the opinion that this uneven course of development is more due to a rather haphazard and accidental nature of economic growth in Iran than any intentional discrimination against the ethnic groups.
Geography of Development, Geography of Ethnicity, Central Government, Planing

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جغرافیای توسعه و جغرافیای قومی در برنامه‌های عمرانی دولت



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