International Echoes of Iran’s Progress in Missile and Space Technologies

In this analysis Artum Dinc is discussing on questions such as:
- How Iran’s progress in missile and space technology particularly in the case of lunching the Omid (Hope) satellite carried by an indigenous Safir-2 rocket impacts international power equations in generally, and regional power equations in particularly?
What can be the latent and manifest functions of these attempt of Iran to the addressees?
- How was interpreted the given messages by the addressees?
- After this phase, how will be shaped the power relations between sides?
- What are the properties of latest space technologies used by Iran?
- These attempts could enable the production of high-tech spacecraft to Iran in near future?
- What can be the results of this attempt as threats and opportunities for Iran, other countries in the region, and global powers?

Iran, space technologies, sanctions, The West, public opinion

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İran’ın Uzay Teknolojisinde Ulaştığı Aşamanın Uluslararası Yankıları