The Establishment and Language Policy of the National Government of Azerbaijan

The Persianization process directed against Turks who had been defeated in the struggle for political power in Iran in 1925 ended for a while when the Azerbaijan National Government came into power in 1945. At that time, Turkish became the official national language in Azerbaijan. The second period of assimilation started in 1946 after the Azerbaijan National Government fell and Pahlavi Regim took control of the country and cosequently Azerbaijan.
Persianization, Azerbaijan National Government, Pahlavi, language policy, Pishavari

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Azerbaycan Milli Hökümetinin Quruluşu ve Dil Politikası
آذربایجان میللی حکومتی‌‌نین قورولوشو و دیل پولیتیکاسی



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