Parallels Between Elam, Kas and Turkish Cultures and The Antiquity of The Turkish Culture (1)

The most ancient Turkish cultural traces have been found in ancient Near East. Turkish words in Sumerian language are very older than any other Central Asian languages of Turks that have appeared at scene of history. In addition, Turkish words and cultural elements found in Elamite, Gutian and Kassites are obvious evidence of Turks in those peoples and regions.

Casting an eye over geography of Iran, high mountains chain lied in south of Iran prevent passing through Iran to Pakistan and India, whereas passing from Central Asia to Iran is much easier. Aaccording to some orientalist, Proto-Turk or Pre-Turk tribes had passed from south or north of Caspean sea, arrived in Iran and Mesopotamia and settled there. Ancestor of Turks are present in west of Iran and Mesopotamia, have had a important role on foundation of region and world civilization. They had significant impact on the cultures. The purpose of this article is to emphasize of Proto-Turks culture at ancient history of and culture of Elam.

Elam, kut, böri, ata, gök Kas, Türkish Culture, Sumerian, Asia Minor

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Elam, Kas ve Türk Kültürü Arasındaki Pralellikler ve Türk Kültürünün Eskiliği (1)

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