Ahmet İnam, with his book “LOVE”, is calling all of us again to “LOVE” that we’ve lost. To “LOVE” that presented to humanity immense meaning and source of truth. “LOVE” that is our closest state to the feeling of truth which does not only mean to reflect our truth to the others but to explore the truth of others too. “LOVE” is the possibility of building a new world. In a world woven with the meaning of: “to fully live”. “LOVE” does not live in todays world, cannot live.

We sent “LOVE” to exile.

We love the world “LOVE”, while living it’s absence like deficiency in our existence.

Meanings are our constructions, they cannot be outside of our existence.

Love, Truth, Meanings, New World

The original language of the presentation is Turkish (TUR). To listen, please click the following title:



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