Is There any Meaning to Life? What is Happiness?

What creates presence and gives its integrity and meaning? What makes presence moving, live, and dynamic? Is there a common goal orientation of presence as a whole and individuals as existing ones? What is the meaning of presence? Is there any meaning to presence? What is the origin and purpose of presence? Among the existing ones, is there a hierarchy according to their circumstances and shapes? If there is a hierarchy -which seems so-, how should one grasp it and what is the place of human presence among all beings that makes presence? What gives the feature(s) of authenticity to human beings among other beings? Is there a sense of life to/in human being as a living being? What is the meaning of presence? So, is there a criterion for the good life and what is happiness? What does it mean to live consciously? What does it mean to be living morally?
life, meaning, happiness, perception

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