The Morality of Tradesmen or Determinative Moralıty in Turkey

Intellectuals have been troubled by the existing moral collapse for a long time. The degradation of the media, bribery is rife in the society, nepotism, violence exists in schools, gangs, murders can be arranged for a pittance, and drug addicted youths, violence against women. The attacks against other sexual orientations and paradoxically, the intellectuals dealing with these orientations as the moral corruption. The self-employed who avoids paying taxes. Moral degeneracy is to be included, industrialists do not hesitate to poison the environment and people living there to increase their income. It is possible to expand this list with more stark examples.
Morality, Market, Tradesmen, Social Structure

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Esnaf Ahlakı ya da Türkiye’de Belirleyici Ahlak



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